Upcoming Virtual Meetings- Save the Dates

We’ve decided this spring to have two shorter virtual meetings.

We wanted to announce this and send out details. Look for flyers with more information and calendar invitations coming soon.

ADMSEP Spring Town Hall – Wednesday March 20th 4p-530p EST - “Where Do We Go from Here? Development and Adoption of the New Foundational Core Competencies for Undergraduate Medical Education.” Dr. Lisa Howley from the AAMC will present on the new competencies and hear our feedback.

ADMSEP Spring Virtual Meeting – Wednesday April 17th – 4p-530p EST - “Here We Go Again: Leading Medical Education in An Era of Recurrent Crisis.” This very timely workshop will be led by Dr. Elizabeth Greene with Drs Kelly Cozza, Victoria Kelly, Michael Miller, and Khyati Kothari co-presenting.

Again, more details to come, but we hope to see you virtually in March and April!

Rachel Russo, MD and Kristin Escamilla, MD

Program Chair and Associate Program Chair

Call for ADMSEP 2024 Awards Nominations & Applications

Practicing gratitude is good for the mental health of both the giver and recipient. Now is a great opportunity for you to engage in practicing gratitude by pondering who has made your professional life easier and more enjoyable over the past year, and what is it that person has done that you found to be so helpful. This is an ideal time to let ADMSEP members know how thankful you are, and then to demonstrate your gratitude by nominating them for an ADMSEP award!

· Does your Clerkship Administrator regularly prevent chaos from overwhelming your day? Nominate them for the ADMSEP Clerkship Administrator Award for Excellence.

· Has your early-in-their-career colleague come up with some fresh and clever ideas for improving medical student education at your school? Encourage them to apply for the ADMSEP Devneil Vaidya Award and offer to write a letter of support.

· Is there a senior colleague who you respect and admire for all that they have done over many years for ADMSEP and medical education? Write a letter nominating them for the ADMSEP Fred Sierles MD Leadership & Excellence in Psychiatric Education Award

· Do you know someone who has done something educationally innovative in your clerkship or course that has worked great or maybe even beyond your expectations? Encourage the innovator to apply for the ADMSEP Innovations Award.

****NEW THIS YEAR**** · Is there a mid-career faculty member in your department who seamlessly integrates their commitment to serving the disadvantaged in their community with their work in medical student education? Write a letter nominating them to be the inaugural recipient of the ADMSEP Amy Brodkey, MD, Award for Advocacy and Community Service in Psychiatry.

Details about the various ADMSEP awards, along with the deadlines, are listed on our website: https://admsep.org/membership.php?c=awards

Please help the ADMSEP organization show its gratitude to deserving ADMSEP members for the great work they have done.

Thank you,

Dave Schilling & Chase Findley Award Committee Co-Chairs