Advising Students for the Match 

Psychiatry will be participating in supplemental applications and program signaling.


This process was introduced into ERAS in Match 2022 as a way to help applicants provide additional information that programs may use in review of applicants.


AAMC information on ERAS 2023 []


2022 preparation resources (again, updates will come out for 2023) [] 


Supplemental applications 

-applicants will be asked questions about geographic preference, their most meaningful experiences and other impactful life events

-there will be character limits (300-750 words)

-all programs that opt-in to supplemental applications will see a student's data


Program signals 

Psychiatry will have 5; Med/Psych will have 2

Applicants can opt in or out of signaling.  

A program only sees if the program has signaled that specific program - This is a key point that you will want to share with applicants - it may reduce anxiety.


If an applicant is applying to multiple specialties, they can submit to those separately.

(i.e. if applying to Psychiatry and Peds - they can signal 5 Psychiatry Programs and 5 Peds programs)



There are also a series of data reports about supplemental applications from ERAS 2022: []


AAMC will be updating their process and providing guidance for applicants, advisors, and program directors.


Looking forward to conversations on how we best advise medical students in this new space.