Linked In

What is LinkedIn?

Since not all ADMSEP members wish to be automatically enrolled and not all ADMSEP members are previoiusly enrolled in LinkedIn, we set up the ADMSEP LinkedIn group on a member request basis. So, if you ARE interested in enrolling in the private ADMSEP LinkedIn group, please request this by email We will respond once we have added you to our group.

Once that is done, here is how you can participate in the ADMSEP LinkedIn group:

1) Login to LinkedIn. If you do not already have a LinkedIn account, you must first create one (it is free).
2) While logged in to LinkedIn, open a different browser window and go to and login to myADMSEP (upper right)
3) At the same web page (, click the blue "in" icon OR click the blue "in" icon on the logged in ADMSEP page