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The purpose of this page is to provide a space for our friends and associates (members and nonmembers), as well as commercial merchants, to contribute for display any educationally relevant material which may be of interest to our group.  It should be clear that appearance of an product or service upon this page does not indicate either support or endorsement by the ADMSEP organization.  If you wish to contribute, click here.


Blueprints Clinical Cases in Psychiatry (Blueprints Clinical Cases) (Paperback)   by Jennifer Hoblyn (Author), Judith Neugroschl (Author), Asher B Simon (Author), Aaron B Caughey (Author)

Blueprints Clinical Cases in Psychiatry (Blueprints Clinical Cases)



To contribute items to this page, please first consider if your material meets our basic guidelines:

1) is relevant to advancing ADMSEP's mission (see our mission statement)

2) does not infringe on anyone's property rights or copyrights

3) is not, to the best of your knowledge, false, libelous, defamatory, or in poor taste

4) does not breach the confidentiality of any patients, students, or colleagues, who may be represented in the material.