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ADMSEP Education Scholars Program

The ADMSEP Education Scholars Program was established to provide participants with the foundational knowledge and mentorship necessary for pursuing scholarly activities in medical student education. The first cohort of participants graduated in June 2014 and the second will graduate in June 2016. A Certificate of Excellence in Educational Scholarship will be awarded to each scholar who completes the program.

1.) To provide a 2-year faculty development program of didactics and mentorship to ADMSEP members that will enhance their knowledge and skills in research methodology and educational scholarship related to medical student education

2.) To help participants in the program advance in scholarship skills that will help promote academic achievement and leadership, both in their home institutions and nationally.

Objectives: At the end of the 2-year program participants will
1.) Be able to describe the process of research proposal development including identifying a meaningful research question, generating testable hypotheses, determining stakeholders, and preparing an IRB submission.
2.) Be able to discuss key elements related to developing and using educational assessment tools
3.) Be able to discuss effective strategies for data analysis and evaluation
4.) Demonstrate ability to apply these principles by having successfully carried out an independent research project related to medical student education at their home institution
5.) Present the results of the independent project at an ADMSEP annual meeting

Who is eligible to apply?
Psychiatry educators, both at the junior and mid-career levels, with at least 2 years of experience in medical student education, who are interested in enhancing their academic focus and scholarship skills in medical school education.
Applicants must be ADMSEP members and must commit to participation in all components of the program, including completion of an independent project and attendance at 3 consecutive ADMSEP annual meetings.
It is expected that approximately 8 participants will be chosen on the basis of a competitive application process, reviewed by the Membership Task Force. This third cohort of Education Scholars will begin their participation at the ADMSEP Annual Meeting in June 2016.

Program Description:
2 year program of half-day structured workshops and didactics on the Thursday before the official start of the annual meeting specifically for Educational Scholar participants.
Longitudinal aspects include participation in telephone conference call seminars 3 times per year during each of the 2 years of the program. The conference calls will be led by ADMSEP expert educators and will focus on topics related to project implementation.
Participants must commit to attend 3 consecutive ADMSEP meetings where they will participate in didactics, group meetings and to present their results at the 3rd ADMSEP annual meeting.
Participants will work with both a local mentor whom they have identified as well as with a senior ADMSEP mentor to help carry out their independent projects.
At the 3rd consecutive ADMSEP annual meeting (at the conclusion of the 2 year program) and upon successful completion of all components of the program, participants will present the results of their project.
Each Education Scholar will be awarded a Certificate of Excellence in Educational Scholarship on the last evening of the annual meeting.
Fee for the two-year program is $500

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