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1) Awards Committee:  Chaired by Dr. Brenda Talley, this committee is tasked with developing awards and processes for recognizing accomplishments of ADMSEP members. Current awards presented annually include: Devneil Vaidya Junior Faculty Award, Innovations Award, Scholarly Publication Award, and MedEdPORTAL Award.

2) Membership Committee:  Chaired by Drs. Brian Smith and Jason Rosenstock, this committee is tasked with developing and implementing strategies to increase individual membership and medical or osteopathic school representation in ADMSEP.  

3) Clinical Skills Initiative Task Force:  Chaired by Drs. Howard Liu and Martin Klapheke, this task force has developed high quality electronic/media-based patient cases and identified platforms for making them accessible to the membership.  

4) Scientific Poster Committee:  Chaired by Drs. Dave Carlson and Lisa Fore-Arcand, this group is charged with soliciting and reviewing poster submissions for the annual meeting, mentoring submissions as needed, and awarding the Research and Innovations Poster Awards at the annual meeting. 

5) Research Committee: Chaired by Dr. Jon Alpert, this committee has developed an annual grant for ADMSEP members to provide $2,500 for educational research.  The committee also develops workshops for the annual meeting on research methods.

6) Milestones Task Force:  Chaired by Drs. Brenda Roman and Dawnelle Schatte, this task force has been working on identifying specific learning objectives junior clerks should experience in medical school.  They are also developing a product that can be easily used as a reference while on their clerkship.

7) Clerkship Administrator Committee:  Chaired by Ms. Melissa Jacob and Lindsey Allison, this committee has actively tried to recruit clerkship administrators to join ADMSEP.  They have also worked to have 2-3 workshops during the annual meeting to attract more clerkship administrators/coordinators.

We hope ADMSEP members will be interested in serving on one or more of the task forces.  Through your involvement you would be adding important guidance for ADMSEP's initiatives while establishing a national leadership role.  If you are interested in joining one or more of the task forces, please contact the  respective chair directly and carbon copy Gary Beck (gbeck@unmc.edu).  Members' email addresses are available in the ADMSEP Members only web area.