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Award Winners

Devneil Vaidya Junior Faculty Teaching Award
2014 Sarah Johnson, MD
2013 Yael Dvir, MD
2012 Carolina Retamero, MD
2011 Kenan Penaskovic, MD
2010 Jess Fiedorowicz, MD (Univ of Iowa)
2009 Jeff Cluver, MD, Medical University of South Carolina
2008 Jan Terpstra, MD, University of Utah
2007 Steve Schlozman, MD, Harvard
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Research in Medical Education Poster Award
2014 Adriana Foster, MD & Colleagues: "A Randomized Controlled Study Using Virtual Patients to Enhance Medical Students’ Empathic Communication"
2013  Alastair McKean, MD & Brian Palmer, MD
2012 Amy Mauritson MD; S. Taylor Williams MD; University of Tennessee Health Science Center
2011 Darlene Shaw PhD, Suzanne Thomas PhD, Laurence Blumenthal MD
2010 Michael Ignatowski, Andrew Smith, & Brenda Roman (Wright State) AND
 Cara Alexander & J. Michael Bostwick (Mayo Clinic)
2009 Mark Townsend, MD and Jason Rosenstock, MD
2008 Brenda Roman, MD and Geri Fox, MD
The ADMSEP Innovations Award
2014 Kathlene Trello-Rishel, MD& Lia Thomas, MD
2013 Martin Klapheke, MD and Howard Liu, MD

Andres Martin, MD

2011  Geri S. Fox, M.D  
2010 Judith Lewis, MD (Univ of Vermont)  AND  J. Michael Bostwick, MD (Mayo Clinic)
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Innovations in Medical Education Poster Award
2014 Kathlene Trello-Rishel, MD & Lia Thomas, MD: "The Comprehensive Write-up: An Area to Address Grading Discrepancies Across Training Sites in the Psychiatry Clerkship"
2013 Mary Blazek, MD
2012  Janette McMillan, Samantha Kelleher and George Pachev, University of British Columbia 
2010 Robert Averbuch (Univ of Florida)
2014 Hendry Ton, MD: "The Psychiatric Interview: A Self-Directed Learning Module"
2013 Adriana Foster, MD
2012 Matthew Goldenberg, MD 
2011  Linda Madson, MD  
ADMSEP Scholarly Publication Award
2014 John Spollen III, MD: "An Approach to Improving Psychiatry NBME and USMLE Performance"
2013 Todd Griswald, MD
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