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Toolkit for Early Educators

Workshop Session 1 (11:00 AM.12:15 PM)
A1. RIME and Reason: Coherent Description of Student Progress (Louis Pangaro MD)
A2. Integrating Psychotherapeutic Teaching into Medical Education (David Mintz MD et al)
A3. Using TBL to Teach Professionalism to First Year Medical Students (Beth Choby MD et al)
A4. Using Role Play to Teach Effective Feedback Skills (Howard Liu MD)
A5. You Gave Me a "Good"??? Grading in the 21st Century, Where All of the Students Are Above Average (Abigail Kay MD et al)
A6. The Role of a Chief Resident of Medical Student Education in Pre-Clinical and Clinical Psychiatry Experiences (Katharine Dalke MD)

Workshop Session 2 (9:15.10:30 AM)
B1. Chalk Talk Boot Camp: Using Concept Maps to Bring Teaching Back to the Clinical Seting (Shelley Holmer MD et al)
B2. The "How To" on Training Medical Students on Culture and Diversity: Interviewing Tips, Brief Cultural Formulation,
        Biopsychosociocultural Treatment Planning , and Psych OSCE Options (Don Hilty MD et al)
B3. The Development of Psychiatric Specific EPAs for Evaluation of the Prospective Psychiatric Resident (Benjamin Griffeth MD et al)
B4. Mindfully Targeting Medical School (Jonathan "Jonny" Gerkin MD et al)
B5. Curricular Innovations in Addiction Medicine: Strategies, Successes, and Challenges (Wynne Lundblad MD)
B6. Integrated Scholarship Programs for Students, Residents and Faculty: a Collaborative "Win-Win-Win" (Janna Gordon-Ellioti MD et al)

Workshop Session 3 (10:45 AM.12:00 PM)
C1. The Residency Interview: Preparing and Assessing Students (Jason Rosenstock MD et al)
C2. How to Learn from a Medical Error (Julia Frank MD)
C3. Developing as a Faculty Educator and Geting Promoted, Too! (Brenda Roman MD et al)
C4. Active Classroom Learning for Introduction and Longitudinal Teaching of Pre-Clinical Medical Students (Brenda Talley MD et al)
C5. Building a Vibrant Psychiatry Interest Group: A Toolkit for Success (Dana Raml et al)
C6. Discussion Group:
         Professionalism: Bringing New Life to an Abstract Concept (Cristina Montalvo MD et al)
         Lapses in Professionalism during the Clerkship: Interventions by Coordinators and Directors (Sarah Johnson MD, MSc et al)
         Playing Well with Others: Managing Professionalism and Feedback in a Complex Learning Environment (Melissa Jacob et al )

Abstracts may be found meetings.

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