Welcome to the ADMSEP 2014 Presenter's Application

See the Call for Submissions Letter (pending) if you have not already then return here to complete the application below.

Directions: The presenter's application has 2 components, linked below:  Abstract submission form and Biosketch/Disclosure submission form.

All applications must be submitted electronically.  Once you begin the abstract submission process you MUST complete it because you cannot save a draft for later revision. You may take as long as you like (this form will not "time out"), however you cannot do part of the form, navigate away from this web site or log off your pc, and return later to complete the form. Doing so will result in a blank form on return, and loss of information entered. Unless otherwise noted, all fields below are required.

Instructions for the abstract can be found here.

After you click "submit" in the respective forms, a confirmation page will be displayed with the information you transmitted and which was recorded in our database. If you see that you made a mistake you wish to correct at that point, you may click the "Back" button on your browser, make the correction, and submit again (it will be clear from the timestamp which submission is your final version). The form "remembers" user input, so clicking back to make a simple correction will not require a complete form redo.

You will get a confirmation email which includes your submission content.

If you have more than one presentation for the meeting, you will need to submit each abstract separately.  Only one biosketch and disclosure are needed per person, so you do not have to reenter this information more than once.

-About the application process:   Dr. Gary Beck.
-If you have a question about the forms, please contact webmaster.

Abstract Form     Biosketch/Disclosure Form